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An Information and Referral Center at satellite locations in the community that connects you to community, health, social, and government services as well as event listings and a housing registry for Southwest Alberta. The housing registry is designed to help people find available, affordable housing in south west Alberta and is updated weekly.

Are you in need of financial assistance, food, housing, childcare, mental health support, or other critical services? Would you like to know about arts, sports, recreation, or other programs? If you don’t know where to start looking for this information, call Community LINKS.

Community LINKS provides the Getting Connected Guide. The Getting Connected Guide is a FREE booklet for members of the community to help assist them when they are searching for a place to sleep, something to eat, someone to talk to; if they need a place to get clothes, a place to dry out, a place to relax; if they want to see a doctor, a lawyer or a counselor, or simply want to change their situation. Come down to our office to get your FREE Getting Connected Guide today!

For more information, visit, call (403) 328-5465 or email [email protected].

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