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Crisis Intervention Team

The Crisis Intervention Team is a Seven-Days-a-Week mobile support service that provides crisis intervention and stabilization. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call the Distress Line of Southwestern Alberta (403) 327-7905 or the Crisis Intervention Team Triage line (403) 381-1116.

When you need immediate intervention for a crisis. 7 days a week.

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta South Region’s Crisis Intervention Team provides service 7 days a week to defuse crisis situations and offer assessment, intervention, referrals and links to community agencies for ongoing, longer-term support.

Individuals within Lethbridge may refer themselves or be referred by doctors, hospitals, police, or local agencies. The Crisis Intervention Team will provide support by telephone or in-person within the City of Lethbridge, and assists with longer-term follow-up and support services through:

1. Coordination of treatment and community support services following emergency/crisis presentation.
2. Consultation with police, emergency medical staff, agencies and individuals for referrals to appropriate support systems
3. Improvement of access to services and support systems through cooperation and collaboration among other services agencies
4. Provision of education in-service to agencies and the public on various mental health and crisis related issues



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