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Laura House Group Home

Laura House is a community based residential program that provides alternative housing for persons with mental illness. At the time of its founding, Laura House was created as a home to assist individuals with mental health concerns to live in the community, much the same as an approved home. Presently we have evolved into a transitional supported housing setting that focuses on enabling individuals to live in the community independently.

The Laura House services population will consist of the following group:

  1. Persons with a primary diagnosis of severe or persistent mental illness
  2.  Between the ages of 18 -64
  3. Persons experiencing social and/or emotional problems

Program Goals:

  1. To improve the abilities of persons with mental health concerns to live more independently within a community setting
  2. Provide a positive and stable environment for those persons either in transition or housing crisis
  3. To promote the best possible care, treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally ill and to advocate on behalf of mental health clients within the community.

Laura House applications are completed by a case manager through the Strata PathWays portal.

If you have program related questions, please contact the Laura House Senior Staff at [email protected]

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