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Youth Programs

CMHA Alberta South offers a number of Youth Programs. Read more below.

Anti-Stigma Endowment Fund

A youth anti-stigma, strategic sustainability plan which will ensure continued support for a meaningful, effective and evidence based community anti-stigma program which includes: an endowment fund (Anti-Stigma¬†Endowment Fund) to ensure the continuation of the project and CMHA’s commitment to support youth leaders in their planning and delivery of projects in their schools.

Enviro Rangers

The “Rangers” is a Youth Group Focused On Developing a Sense of Community Through Volunteering in a Number of Environment-Related Activities.

Lethbridge Youth Anti-Stigma Initiative (YAS)

CMHA Lethbridge is partnering with The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) to launch a national initiative to help schools and communities reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.