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About Us

The Canadian Mental Health Association, like many other agencies in the charitable sector, arose out of the compassion for the welfare of others. In the 1850’s Dorothea Dix, a New England nurse, conducted a crusade in North America for the humane care of the mentally ill. This was the first organized attempt to educate and arouse widespread support.

Clifford Beers, a Wall Street Businessman who was declared “incurably” insane and spent three years in a mental institution, and Doctor Clarence Hincks, a Canadian Doctor, who suffered a lifetime of depression are credited with leading the way to the formation of the Canadian Mental Health Association. In 1918, Beers and Hincks founded a national Committee for Mental Hygiene in Canada, whose goals were to fight mental illness and promote mental health. The committee’s name was changed to the Canadian Mental Health Association in 1950.

CMHA Alberta Division was incorporated in 1955 and the Lethbridge Region established in 1965. Branch offices were established in Claresholm in 1983 and Pincher Creek in 1987. Claresholm branch closed in 1995. Pincher Creek Branch closed December 2012.